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Families with kids: Join us for Laurel STREAM Team! - Loafering & learning on Laurel!


Who:  Families with children who want to have fun and learn about the streams around Laurel, with Dr. Mary Kelly and other local experts.  Adult supervision required, now taking sign-ups. Space may be limited, but let us know if you are interested.  Free of charge! Donations welcome.


Where:  Laurel Community Center 4100 NC Hwy 212 Marshall NC, Laurel River Room, and in the Shelton Laurel Creek and the LCC grounds.


When: Send us a message or email if you would to receive emails about STREAM Team Meet Ups 

What:   2-hr outings for kids and families to explore and learn about the creek and surroundings - its fish, insects, birds, plants and animals.  Get to use LCCO science equipment, field gear and laboratory, share findings, watch movies, meet with visiting biologists and other experts.   Also some art, crafts, writing!  


S - Science

      Learn about what lives in our streams and how they “work” and how to be a junior stream scientist

T - Technology

     Use microscopes and computers, help with a project to put a webcam in the stream for live underwater video on            YouTube

R - Recreation

     Cool off in summer heat, with swimming, snorkeling, fishing

E - Ecology & Environment

     Learn about stream ecosystems and the connections to our healthy landscapes, how to keep them healthy

A - Art & Awareness

     Drawing, writing, arts and crafts

M - Microscopes, Movies & Math

     Use LCC scopes to see tiny things, watch movies about streams and nature, practice (a little!) summer math

STREAM Team is made Possible by the Pigeon River Fund

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