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The Laurel River Room

This beautiful Creekside STEM classroom is ideal for environmental education, ecology, and a place to dive into all things creek and science. This space has been created to facilitate workshops, classes, and especially hands on environmental learning for students of all ages.


While we are still in the finishing stages of this project, we are very excited to share the progress we have made thus far. 

Welcome to the Laurel River Room! 

caddisfly scetch.jpg

In September 2021 & 2022, the Laurel Community Center hosted an Aquatic Insect Ecology Class for Environmental Professionals. This four day workshop was taught by David Penrose of Penrose Environmental Consulting LLC and Jason York of Michael Baker International and was made possible by the NC Association of Environmental Professionals. This is just a few of the many environmental workshops we plan to have here at LCCO.

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